What is a Grand Trine?

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the grand trine aspect pattern in a birth chart? You may find this video especially relevant if you already know you have a grand trine aspect in your birth chart, or if you’re learning astrology and want to start interpreting aspect patterns. Learn more about Grand Trines …

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What is a T-Square?

A t-square is a special aspect pattern in which 3 or more planets combine in a unique configuration. T-squares are made of of one opposition plus two squares between at least 3 planets. These dynamic aspects can describe intense energies that we’re asked to channel as we come to terms with often conflicting drives within …

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The Cosmic Eye Forecast: Sagittarius Season 2020

Listen to the month-ahead forecast for Sagittarius Season 2020 covering late November and most of December. Tony teams up with Vanessa Montgomery to highlight the hallmarks of 2020 Sagittarius season. We cover the Solar Sagittarius cycle, monthly Moons, headlining signatures *hint* Jupiter-Saturn wrap up, and Mercury out of bounds. Mark the opportunity signatures in your …

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