Good Advice for Venus Out of Bounds in May

April 29, 2018

Lots of astrologers will be talking about Uranus moving into Taurus this month – and for good reason. Major planet ingresses are a big deal. Heck, I might even write about it for you soon. But what you might miss in all of the Uranus commotion is that Venus goes out of bounds May 5 and doesn’t come back in bounds until June 8. And that’s worth talking about. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “out of bounds,” check out my webinar on Venus out of bounds, which includes an introduction to the concept.

Venus starts this cycle at 14° Gemini and ends at 22° Cancer, covering quite a lot of ground on the way. So if you have planets in Mutable or Cardinal signs, you’re going to see some Venus action in the coming month in the zone of life signified by the house Venus is moving through. And on the last day of this cycle – June 7 – two planets will be out of bounds at once, since Mercury starts its own out of bounds cycle that day. That’s a day to note on your calendar and watch what unfolds.

Those are the technical bits, so what’s the scoop?

When Venus is out of bounds, there are less restrictions on Venusian behavior. That’s a good place to start thinking about how to respond and what to watch out for. As you might know, Venus doesn’t signify the most rational behavior in the first place. Human relationships – a big part of Venus’ domain – are famously complicated. When Venus is out of bounds, we have less access to the part of our nature that might question our attractions – whether to people or food ?. So it’s pretty easy to make what might later seem like “poor judgment calls” in that arena.

Venus out of bounds can really shine though in the realm of creativity. If you’re a naturally creative person (and I believe we all are, we just don’t always acknowledge it) this can be a really fruitful time. If you’re an artist, make sure to carve out space between May 5 and June 8 for concentrated creation time. You may come up with some very cool new projects.

But Venus out of bounds can be a little like a Venus retrograde transit in the sense that when Venus “comes back to Earth” there can be a “what was I thinking” feeling. So if your creativity takes the form of interior decorating, for instance, you can just as easily find yourself in a visionary period as you can find yourself going a little too far off the wall with your design choices.

If your natal Venus is out of bounds, this period marks a return to the vibe you live with every day. It can feel like a homecoming, or a settling into an energy that feels natural to you. This can be a very productive time. But if your Venus typically gets you into trouble, and you’re aware of it, this can be a time when you’ll need some outside help. Get your personal support team in order now, and run any new ideas by them first to see if they seem too ungrounded. And most importantly – pay attention if they say, “Yes, they are!”

My rule of thumb counseling people with natal planets out of bounds is to follow the adage “do no harm” at all times. If your actions look weird or wacky to others, as long as you’re not harming yourself or anyone else, just let it rip. You’re here to push the comfort level of the status quo. Do your thing. Let us deal with our discomfort. It’s good for us. But if your actions are being judged as causing harm to others, you probably need to reel yourself in. And it won’t be easy, because you won’t “get it.”

I say “being judged” because out of bounds folks don’t typically have well-functioning self-restraint in the part of life colored by that planet. So they’ll hear external voices of judgment and easily disregard them. Still, you can recognize judgment when you hear it. And I’m saying, it might be good to pay attention to those voices now and then.

A great strategy for out of bounds success is to have some “normal” people you can regularly check in with. Ask them to help hold you accountable and be the voice of reason when you don’t have one. Keeping in mind that you won’t follow their advice all of the time – only when they say you might be doing harm. Some of your choices are going to make them uncomfortable, and they might implore you to make a different choice. But again, as long as what you’re doing isn’t harming anyone, including yourself, I say you have a green light. You do need your support team to help you discern if harm is a potential though. Because that could be a blind spot for you.

That last bit is especially for people who have natal Venus out of bounds, but in May, this energy is going to be heightened in the collective. It’s like someone spikes the punch in May. And in the middle of June we wake up in a stranger’s bedroom and can’t remember how the heck we got there. Or we make some very cool art. Or we make some very weird art that we decide might be best kept in the closet…for eternity! So many possibilities. Which will it be for you?

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Learn more in my webinar on Venus out of bounds.

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