The Magic of the Venus-Jupiter Super Conjunction

November 9, 2017

You may have heard that Jupiter recently changed signs from Libra to Scorpio. But did you know that we have a “super conjunction” of Venus and Jupiter this weekend? Yep! And what is that?

A super conjunction is the rare condition when two planets are simultaneously conjunct and parallel. This basically means that their latitude and longitude positions are the same, or very close. So that if you look at them in the night sky, you’ll see them right next to each other.

When astrologers say that two planets are conjunct, they’re using a measurement of longitude. “Parallel” is a measurement of declination, or latitude – the distance a planet is north or south of the equator. When two planets come together using both measurements, we get a super conjunction.

If you have good night sky visibility this weekend, it will be worth a trip outside to see Venus and Jupiter converge.

So what does this mean for the little people on Earth? Well, it could sound like a time for celebration, given that these are the two so-called “benefic” planets. We astrologers often look to these planets to see where the “good news” is in terms of astrological timing and birth chart potentials. But we need to remember that they are both more than that, they both have shadow expressions, and they are in the sign of Scorpio, which further colors our interpretation.

Venus is the planet of “I like.” Our Venus placement describes what (and who) we are attracted to, what our likes and dislikes are. Venus is about how we connect (or don’t) with others, how we attract others and how we relate. Venus can be about what we need or seek in a partner or close friend, and what skills we bring to relating on that level. And Venus is often about artistry and beauty, and our experience of those.

When Venus is in a more shadow expression, our wants and likes can get us into trouble. Maybe we don’t know when to stop, or maybe we’re a little too focused on getting what we like, or too focused on the other person. As you know, many complications can arise in relationship, so an off-kilter Venus can show up as interpersonal drama.

Jupiter is often described as the Santa Claus of the zodiac. It relates on a more psychological level to the process of dreaming big, planning for the best outcome, positive thinking, and opportunity seeking. Where Jupiter is in our charts, we might have experiences of good luck, ease, or the feeling of having a guardian angel in that part of our life.

But that’s just one side of the story. Jupiter, in its shadow expression, can show up as hubris, not knowing how much is too much, or not having a grounded sense of the possible. Astrologers who have looked at charts for the time someone dies notice that Jupiter transits are often part of that timing picture too. And what does that mean? That death is an opportunity? A doorway to something better? A blessing in disguise? Well that’s a subject more suited for a lifetime of rumination. But the point is that Jupiter is more than just Santa Claus.

OK, so these two planets come together and we could experience growth or opportunities in relationship. We could imbue our biggest dreams for ourselves with artistry and grace. We could meet others who help us get ahead, who help us expand or reach our goals. Just for starters.

On the flip side, during this time we might get a little “too big for our britches,” as my grandmother used to say. Thinking we can do more than we really can, or thinking we deserve or are entitled to more than will actually fit on our plate, both metaphorically and otherwise. Watch out for that feeling of entitlement this weekend. That could give you some clues about where the growth edge is for you right now.

Add in Scorpio and we have the shadow potential for compulsion and the higher potential of revealing something that has been undermining you.

Jupiter likes to expand. Scorpio likes to go deep. Neither is good at knowing when to stop. So Jupiter in Scorpio might dive too deep into whatever drama is unfolding and blow it up even bigger. Venus can usually help us present ourselves in a more relatable way when things get complicated. And that’s surely on the table here. But I can also see Venus complicating things.

Let’s use a silly example. Say one of your likes is chocolate. And your Venus thinks, “I’d like a chocolate cupcake.” And Jupiter says, “why stop at cupcake? Why not a whole cake? And why shouldn’t I have cake every day? I deserve it! In fact, I suddenly find myself obsessed with chocolate cake.”  Will that happen to some of you literally? Probably! Because chocolate is pretty awesome. But think of it as a metaphor too, and you’ll get a little more leverage out of it.

We could go down darker roads here with Scorpio. Scorpio kind of naturally asks us to do that. But my real intention with this blog post is to give you a heads up about some great opportunities that are at hand.

Perhaps something has “come to a head” in some part of your life – blown out of proportion in a way that it is really getting your attention. And you’re getting a better sense of what you really want, what direction you really want to go in. And it’s time to take steps in that direction.

Or maybe you’re just becoming painfully aware of what you don’t want. That’s a great motivator too.

Whatever is unfolding, look out for the opportunities now. Where are you being called to say “yes” to more of the good stuff? To open up to more of life’s goodness. To expand into new territory.

What are you being called to let go of now? Can you see it as some part or you, some person, or some experience that needs to end, to die, in order that some new life or energy can have space to grow without lugging around that dead weight?

And if you’re holding on tight and refuse to let go, get a good look at that. What are you really holding on to? Is it still serving you? What are you really afraid of? And is that a realistic fear or have you blown it out of proportion?

Venus is here, so you don’t have to do this process alone. Talk to your close friends, your loved ones. If you get a party invite this weekend, go.

And Jupiter is here too, so talk to people who inspire you, who are in the place you think you want to be, who know something about the road you want to travel on.  Take a mentor or successful colleague out to lunch and “pick their brain” while expressing gratitude for they mean to you.

If you’re digging up a relationship issue, make sure you’re really ready to open up that can of worms, because it might REALLY open!

Ask deep questions, make a vision board, and dream your biggest dream. Saturn will help you figure out what parts are realistic later. But give yourself a little space to dream right this weekend. It will be time well spent.

I hope this transit brings good things your way (and some yummy chocolate too).


  • The conjunction is strongest from November 10th through 13th. And begins to wane in strength through the 16th.
  • The parallel is strong from the 10th through the 15th, with waning influence through the 20th.

Peak days are the 11th and 12th.

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