Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White & the Huntsman: Dark Venus Rising

Originally published in the digital edition of The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

Snow White and the Huntsman astrologyWhen a subject rises to prominence in the zeitgeist of mainstream culture, the importance of that subject and its full meaning are not always what they appear to be on first look. For instance, in early 2011, when the “13th sign” was “discovered” (again), the cosmic intention probably wasn’t to throw a bunch of Sagittarians into an identity crisis. Demetra George makes a very eloquent case for the reason Ophiucus was suddenly getting so much attention in her audio presentation Ophiucus, 2012 and the Galactic Center. George makes it clear that when an issue like this takes center stage it’s worth taking a closer look in an effort to discover its full meaning.

So when the recent Transit of Venus in 2012 started to gain a lot of traction, I decided to delve into the subject, with my sights set on understanding the story behind the story. And it just turns out that what I found has something to do with another trending topic: The Mayans and 2012.

As a prelude to 2012, in 2011 we all learned quite a lot more about the Mesoamerican cultures via hype about the Mayan calendar. And in June of 2012, Venus took center stage through her rare and visible Transit in front of the Sun on June 5. The public was instantly enamored by the transit of Venus, uploading images to Facebook, blogging, and taking time out of the day to view this rare astronomical event in large gatherings both outdoors and online.

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A Perfect Storm? Venus Retrograde & the Transits of June 2012

Symmetry by e v e nAs I started the research for this article on May 2012’s Venus Retrograde in Gemini (and the rare Transit of Venus that occurs on June 5), I quickly opened up a rather large can of worms. For it seems that in June of 2012, we have the makings of a perfect astrological storm. You see, when we look at key moments in history, we almost always find dynamic planetary transits bunched up in clusters around those same dates. It’s in those times when many key transits occur simultaneously that we tend to find more outward events – landmarks for memorable moments in history where we find sea changes, shifts, beginnings and endings of cycles. In June of 2012, we find one of those clusters that suggest June could be a month in which important formative outer events transpire. The conditions for the storm start to form in May when Venus goes retrograde.

Historically memorable events serve as bookends that we can use to compartmentalize segments of time. They help us organize the chaos that is daily existence into quantifiable, understandable bits. This way of organizing events into cycles is one of many processes that give us an experience we like to call sanity. In truth, the sheer enormity of paradoxical and contradictory data in the world is mind-blowing. It’s just too much for any one person to objectively synthesize. We need a way to organize the data, and to then create meaning out of it.

This information-sifting is a crucial step in our individual evolutionary processes, helping us to find meaning and make decisions. The planet Venus represents a crucial organizational process that occurs within the psyche. We'll have a chance to learn more about this process during the current Venus retrograde cycle.

Information can be organized in many ways. A Virgo style of organization might express itself as compartmentalizing the facts of life into neat folders (one for all of the frightening facts, one for the pleasant thoughts, etc.). A Sagittarius style might express as organizing the data into systems of thought, big picture philosophies, and broad sweeps of holistic understanding. Venus relates to an organizational process that results in art. More than just compartmentalization of facts, the organization that Venus refers to is endowed with her signature principles of proportion, balance, and grace.

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Mars Retrograde in Virgo 2012: Getting the Plan in Order

runner Welcome to 2012. It sure feels like "full steam ahead" in my neck of the woods. If you're feeling a forward whoosh of energy, you're right on track, as we head towards an earth trine of Mars in Virgo to the Sun in Capricorn on January 12. We're just coming out of a Jupiter retrograde cycle, in which you likely did some re-visioning of your big picture plans. You might be itching to put some of those plans into action. If there are projects that have been waiting in the wings, now is a great time to get them moving. These are good days to spend a little more time working, and less time playing. Take care of the details, get the structure in order, establish the foundation. Because just a couple of weeks later, it's going to be time to put the brakes on.

The planet Mars relates to our personal will, our ability to take action and assert ourselves, and our sense of "I want." Every two years, Mars has a retrograde cycle which lasts for about 2 1/2 months. But like Mercury retrograde, our experience of the cycle is actually a bit longer, encompassing the entire span of degrees which Mars will traipse back and forth over, emphasizing that sign and house in our chart.

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Job Hunting with Facebook

Saturn Likes Facebook (for all the wrong reasons)

As many huge transits take up our attention, I was reminded by an article on HuffPost Business that Saturn is still in Libra. You may have heard the news reports that employers are now using social media sites to screen new (and current) employees. And they’re being very Saturnian with the information. What’s that you say? They’re JUDGING you based on how you APPEAR in your SOCIAL circles? Saturn is the judge. Libra is the social circles and also your concern about what others think of you. With this report, we see the archetypes in action.

Saturn in Libra increases our concern about judgment from superiors or authority figures. It gets us thinking about what “proper” behavior is. Libra rules what’s polite, and Saturn is the hall monitor.

Saturn is the planet of “you get what you deserve” and also of eye-for-an-eye justice. You can be sure that with this combination, you’ll have to pay for any social “mistakes” you make online. So this isn’t just talk.

The report shows that 45% of employers are using social media screening. And most of them are finding material to judge you unworthy for. This is something you’ll need to take seriously if you’re in a position to be evaluated for a job (or maintain a current job).

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Drifting Into Reverie: Mercury Opposite Neptune

dreamingWe're in the shadow of the next Mercury Retrograde cycle, which will last from August 2 to August 26. During the shadow period it's usually a good idea to start moving a little more slowly, double check your work for errors, and get ready for a slower rhythm and pace. It's time to start thinking about finishing up the projects you're in the middle of, rather than starting new ones.

But this shadow period might feel a little stronger than usual. As I write this, Mercury is exactly opposite Neptune. If you've been noticing delays while driving, or blocks to progress, or technological mishaps, you're probably noticing the effects of this Mercury opposite Neptune transit, which is exact today, July 31. It might feel a lot like Mercury Retrograde, and it has enough in common with Mercury Retorgrade that it amplifies those energies. But there are some additional dimensions to this transit that I'll try to shed some light on for you.

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