July 2024 Astrology: Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

July 4, 2024
woman submerged in water

With Cancer season this month, we transition from a bit more air to a bit more water, culminating in a grand water trine on July 15-16.

The water trine forms while there’s also an opposition from the Moon in Scorpio to Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The kite is a complex aspect pattern found in the charts of people who tend to translate natural talent into successful endeavors.

To make the most of this kite, we need to access our emotional intelligence. Feelings are the resource here, and our subjective experience might be more beneficial than our logic in the moment.

Tune into the forecast to hear how to consciously express Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury in Leo.

Tony also shares two supportive dates for taking important actions.

Learn more about the inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars):

July 2024 Astrology Forecast with All Dates:

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