February 2024 Forecast: Pluto in Aquarius

February 2, 2024
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Pluto is now in Aquarius through the start of September 2024, so we’ll get to learn a little more about what kind of shifts Pluto heralds in this sign.

In my February 2024 Declination Forecast, I share a thought about the splintering happening socially and politically as people move more towards camps (and states) of like-minded others. 

Pluto tends to reveal things we need to heal, rather than doing the healing for us. We still have to take that step, and we tend to do it AFTER the Pluto stimulus as we have time for integration.

I see some astrologers being a little too optimistic about the transformation at hand. I’m totally on board for transformation, but I understand that Pluto speaks to a process of first seeing the thing we haven’t wanted to see, and then a longer process of integration. 

Pluto has spent the last several years in Capricorn, revealing things related to Capricorn that we need to heal. For instance, we’ve seen more of our shadow dynamics in government, political systems, systems of social control like the police force, etc.

Did we heal all of those dynamics, and integrate everything we learned? Not by a long shot. But we have time now to do so. 

It’s the same with Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto is just now starting to reveal to us Aquarian dynamics ready for healing. But that healing will take a long time, and deep personal work undertaken by many individuals before it starts to show up in the collective.

Aquarius shifts the focus from systems of social control to the people participating in those systems, to social groups, political factions, to the relationship between states and the federal government, between countries in the EU and the EU as a larger governing body. And that’s just the starter menu…

Tune into this month’s declination forecast to hear about some of the other February highlights.

Jupiter is tightening up its conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, and farmers are in the news protesting. 

In declination, we’re coming down from Mars out of bounds, and picking up some Venus-Jupiter-Neptune vibes later in the month. 

You can watch the forecast on Youtube or listen in on the Astrology University Podcast through Apple or on Spotify

Note: The Youtube version includes background music. If you prefer the forecast without that music, you’ll like the podcast version, which doesn’t include the background track. 

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PS Join me in Dublin in April with Mark Jones for a deep dive into the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction as it happens in real time!

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