Declination Transits for July 2023

July 1, 2023

In this episode of the monthly “Declination Report” for July 2023, Tony talks about the Mercury-Mars-Uranus parallel, Venus coming back down from being out of bounds in May, along with Venus parallel Pluto, and Mercury going out of bounds in Cancer.

Each month, Tony reviews the key declination transits for the month with some tips for how to navigate them. See the accompanying blog post with a full list of July’s declination aspects here.

Vocation, Mission and Calling

Explore the chart significations for career and vocation. We’ll ruminate deeply on calling and life purpose and look at ways the birth chart can help speak to these compelling issues.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022

This year, Mars will be retrograde in Gemini meaning Mars will spend a little more than 7 months in one sign! We’ll review Mars retrograde theory and meaning and then look at the specifics of this 2022 cycle in Gemini.

How to Interpret Your Grand Trine

The grand trine suggests gifts, talents or ease that we might take for granted. You’ll learn not only how to spot a Grand Trine, and what each elemental focus could represent, but also how to jump start this inner generator so that it can lead you to its greatest gifts.


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