Saturn Likes Facebook (for all the wrong reasons)

August 16, 2011
How to Not Get Hired with Facebook

As many huge transits take up our attention, I was reminded by an article on HuffPost Business that Saturn is still in Libra. You may have heard the news reports that employers are now using social media sites to screen new (and current) employees. And they’re being very Saturnian with the information. What’s that you say? They’re JUDGING you based on how you APPEAR in your SOCIAL circles? Saturn is the judge. Libra is the social circles and also your concern about what others think of you. With this report, we see the archetypes in action.

Saturn in Libra increases our concern about judgment from superiors or authority figures. It gets us thinking about what “proper” behavior is. Libra rules what’s polite, and Saturn is the hall monitor.

Saturn is the planet of “you get what you deserve” and also of eye-for-an-eye justice. You can be sure that with this combination, you’ll have to pay for any social “mistakes” you make online. So this isn’t just talk.

The report shows that 45% of employers are using social media screening. And most of them are finding material to judge you unworthy for. This is something you’ll need to take seriously if you’re in a position to be evaluated for a job (or maintain a current job).

Unfortunately, you can’t share indiscriminate information publicly online anymore. Google+ will eventually make it easier to share information only with certain friends, via it’s Circles feature, in which you can hide posts from the public and from whichever Circles you want to. I’m guessing Facebook will step up the game soon with one of its legendary restructurings as it asserts dominance over the social media market. Meanwhile, Facebook is the main place you need to remain on your best behavior.

With the job climate as it is, standards have been raised. Because there are more qualified people willing to work, we have to be aware of our every move online, as if Big Brother is watching – because he is. In classic Saturn form, the pressure is no fun.

The infographic below depicts (with sarcasm) how to present yourself online in a way to be sure that you “never get hired.”

Here’s a link to the HuffPost report.

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