I approach an astrology consultation as a life coach. This means I work with you in partnership to help you find insight, or to reach goals and uncover your true desires and sense of purpose.

I had my first astrology reading at 16 and have been hooked ever since. I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in history and film. After college I embarked on successful careers in magazine publishing and somatic healing. But my interest in astrology continued to draw my attention and eventually I began working full-time in the field.

Mercury is the strongest planet in my chart, and in true form I love continuing to learn, research charts, teach and help clients. I’m blessed to have found such a rich and endlessly fascinating field in which I’m always inspired.

One of astrology's most profound revelations is that we can co-create our lives in harmony with universal principles and energies. As your astrology coach, I can help translate this symbolic language so you can recognize it and work with it consciously.

Rather than talking at you, I talk with you. I listen carefully to you and use the chart to fine-tune my understanding and to provide clues as well as suggestions for constructive directions and solutions. We work together to focus on your goals, dreams and aspirations. While we might uncover or examine roadblocks, problems, and challenges, we keep our eyes on the way forward.

Our work together is part of a co-creative process in which we seek inspiration, creative solutions and fresh insight using the cosmos as a guide.

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My astrological style

As with many professions, there are several styles of astrology. My style is mainly psychological and archetypal, although I don’t align myself with a singular approach. I use techniques that I’ve been able to apply and test myself, whether they come from ancient texts or modern masters.

I also love doing astrological research and use the charts of well-known people, friends and clients to expand my understanding of the ways chart dynamics express in people’s lives. Astrology is a profound tool for examining unfolding events, transitions, life themes and world events.

What is archetypal astrology?

Astrology is a vast subject with a colorful history and many styles, techniques and disciplines. Archetypal astrology carries the seed teaching that astrology in itself cannot unlock the code to some secret rulebook you can then use to navigate your life with 100% success. Instead, astrology offers us a way to engage with life in a way that reanimates ideas and values that were lost long ago, when we started using our minds a lot more and our hearts a lot less; a time when the primal world was understood as rich with meaning, and our stories and myths carried messages that were multilayered. The more we set our sights on controlling the natural world, the more disconnected we felt to source and the closer we got to apathy and existential angst.

An archetypal view is a remedy for such ailments – because it shows us that our world does indeed include grace, magic, and artful order. Archetypal astrology allows us to perceive this order, and thus heal our disconnection from the source. I agree with Richard Tarnas when he says that “astrology is archetypally predictive, not concretely predictive.” Astrology allows us to predict the weather patterns of life, but not to know concretely what will happen.

What’s more, we can use intention and awareness to consciously engage with the present and future, expressing energy and taking actions in ways that align with the major planetary energies at play in our lives on any given day. This shifts our experience to one of co-creation in the dynamic process of creating our future rather than passively waiting to see what will happen to us.

I would like to thank all of my mentors, past, present, and future, for lighting the way forward and would like to express humble gratitude that I am able to live a life doing what I love.


In 2009 I built FindAnAstrologer.com, the first interactive searchable astrologer database. I have filmed and produced several video interviews with prominent astrologers, which I share on my Youtube and Vimeo channels. My articles and interviews have been published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.


In October of 2011 I launched Raven Dreams Press.


In 2012 I launched AstrologyUniversity.com, which provides online astrology webinars, classes, recordings, online summits and in-person workshops. I contributed a chapter to the astrology anthology Astrology: The New Generation. My chapter is titled “Pluto in Libra and Scorpio: Generations Transforming Relationship.”


In 2015 my article “Kristin Hersh A Journey through Music, Mania, and Metamorphosis” was published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.


In 2018 my article “Women Who Rock” was published in The Book of Music Horoscopes. I gave two lectures for UAC, the biggest Western astrology conference.


In 2021 I accepted an invite to join the board of CAPISAR to help advance astrology certification and testing.

Great feedback from my clients

"I had a fantastic reading with Tony Howard. He's an exceptional communicator. I do astrology myself however learned a couple things about my chart that I hadn't been aware of. Tony made sense out of current and upcoming transits and welcomed hearing my stories about my real life experiences regarding my nativity. I've had a lot of astrology readings and I am also a long time astrologer. I consider Tony to be one of the best!"
Tauna M.
"Thanks, Tony. I really enjoyed the reading and found the information enormously helpful. It made so much sense with how seriously I take life and how hard it is sometimes for me to feel joy despite the wonderful things happening in my present life. I feel confident my work on my unconscious patterns will make a huge difference moving forward. Thanks again!"
"Thanks again for a very illuminating session the other day. It was truly an eye-opening experience."
Margo M.
"Your reading was just great. It touched on everything I needed at this time of my life. You were not only insightful but gracious in your presentation. I look forward to getting the recording and listening again."
Dennis A.
"Thanks so much for the reading you did for me, it really helps me to understand more about my life. Thanks again for all of your insights."
Lisa M.
"I started preparing for this trip at the beginning of November when you mentioned the transits that were coming up for me; I worked with the energies being presented in advance and did a lot of work in advance to align myself, and I learned through this experience that 1. I can change my future reality with enough foresight from a good astrologer, and 2. I got so much more out of the visit as a result. It is not without conscious effort to arrive at where I am, but it is amazing to work with astrological insights in a conscious manner and to watch myself produce a totally different outcome as a result. Results are important, it does come down to having a smoother ride in life and I was much more in control of what is happening to me on my trip than going back to a familiar place holding the intensity inside. It all turned out extremely positive, I need to have a virtual high five with you, it was good work on both of our parts! If everybody can work with their charts as consciously as we do, we will have a happy planet in one year."
Priya L.

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